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DMC Limited – December 91


I often overlook dollar bins but there can be records in there that are worth the digging. DMC Limited was a DJ subscription service where dance singles and mixes were sent out to DJs. The DMC records have been largely relegated to the ignominy of the land of dollar recs. For a dollar or two you can get three or four house singles on one record. I’ve been able to come across some really random tracks on the DMC records too, like a medley of the songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are also DMC records that are side long mixes by DJs for, I guess, a DJ to take a pee break during their set.

The second side of the December ’91 release, “Paradise Peaks ’91″ mixed by Steve Anderson, is one that is right in my wheelhouse. A mix that features Little Louie Vega, and Joey Negro is going in the correct direction from jump. The A side I’m a little less enthusiastic about but it is a snapshot of the time.

Download Paradise Peaks ’91
Download House ’91

The DMC subscription service was started by Tony Prince, who is on of those Forrest Gump type guys in the music industry who has been around for everything and met everyone. He started off in a band in the early 1960′s to then move onto being a pirate radio Dj, tv presenter and running a label. In the early 1980′s he played DJ mixes on his radio show and started the subscription service in 1983. He started Mixmag at that time also. Clearly the dude had some passion and energy. DMC is still going strong and Prince is still up on the latest in music.


DMC 1c