Collector’s Mix Episode 1



Things have been a bit moribund on the site but I recently had an idea to liven things up this winter. I am inviting over to lab collectors of vinyl to make a mix of their choosing. It can be a good ole fashioned DJ mix or it can be some out there platters that they’re currently grooving on (the choice is yours!). The collector lays down the mix and I upload to it here for all to enjoy.

First up is movie sound track, hardcore, and house music collector Ryan Johnson. An all around good dude with damn good taste in music. He brought a heavy crate of House over to the house and mixed it up. Unfortunately, somewhere, somehow, the mix got cut 2/3 of the way through; but luckily that first 2/3 is all killer and no filler. He will have to come back to drop some more chunes (maybe I can entice a soundtrack mix out of him).