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NYT Goes Deep on Blues Records

Geeshie and Elvie

Their myth was they didn’t have anything you could so much as hang a myth on. The objects themselves — the fewer than 10 surviving copies, total, of their three known Paramount releases, a handful of heavy, black, scratch-riven shellac platters, all in private hands — these were the whole of the file on Geeshie and Elvie, and even these had come within a second thought of vanishing, within, say, a woman’s decision in cleaning her parents’ attic to go against some idle advice that she throw out a box of old records and instead to find out what the junk shop gives. When she decides otherwise, when the shop isn’t on the way home, there goes the music, there go the souls, ash flakes up the flue, to flutter about with the Edison cylinder of Buddy Bolden’s band and the phonautograph of Lincoln’s voice.


The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie

Getting it underway

maya r minnie r

If you understand this picture you will understand what will be happening on this blog.


Been tweaking things here and there, but progress is slow due to my not really knowing what I am doing. This is the start of a series of posts to check that things are at least in working order.