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Bel-Air Radio 2

Another radio show from 2014, this one was a solo flight at the original Bel-Air studio. From re-listening to the show, I brought a bunch of B-more club, Brazilian Carioca, and a smattering of other stuff from Jamaica to Angola. In the early aughts I was fully diggin’ on the Baltimore sound Unruly Records and their brethren, along with the Baile Funk scene. The skeletal, hard hitting rhythms are, to my ear at least, close cousins. Like many, Diplo’s Favela On Blast broke the sound open to me. Each deserve a post on the records I copped at the time. Upon review, 2004 was a solid era for music built around a specific rhythm, with Reggaeton also blowing up. The set ends with with Turbulence’s Notorious, which is still fire and a song so nice I had to have the record twice.


Bel-Air Party Disco Run Through (Rough Mix)

disco cover 1
I’m not at home so I had to grab an image from the internet that would work. This conveys the vibes

I’m doing a one hour set at the Bel-Air fundraiser party at Alphville on 2/21. An hour is super quick so I threw a bunch of disco records in the bag to sort out what I want to bring. It needs to be an hour of power – straight burners. So this is the rough set that I will be playing, with some records being taken out and others added. And, being the first run through, the mix, ahem, has a few flaws. But listen to it, get the vibes, and come down on Saturday.


Tense Presence / Record Game – Bel-air Radio (in exile)

photo (1)Paul on the ones and twos.

Last Sunday Paul and I went to do a show on BEL-AIR radio but there was a screw up and it didn’t happen. We have a special edition here — the radio show in exile. Listen and/or download.


A previous show is archived here.